Participants at the Civic Educators workshop
Participants at the Civic Educators workshop
Photo Credit: CRC


The United Nations Mission in Liberia and the United Nations Development Programme are major Partners to the Constitution Review Program in Liberia. With technical and logistical supports from these partners as well as GOL, the CRC has made great strides at achieving major components of its implementation agenda.


In preparation for the full launch of its civic education and public consultation component, the Constitution Review Committee has conducted the training of Focal Points and Civic Educators in Monrovia. This exercise brought together applicants who were vetted and endorsed by the CRC. Trainings were conducted from December 5, 2013 to December 14, 2013.


On the 7thof January 2014, the Committee conducted Focal Points and Civic Educators orientation at its Headquarters. About 65 recruits participated and broke themselves into working groups per county to draw up their work plan.


The CRC Chairman for Civic Education and Media, Rev. Dr. Jasper S. Ndaborlor told the new recruits that the orientation was necessary to prepare them for the great task ahead and to access their preparedness to respond to constitutional issues that might confront them on the field.


Hon. Soko V. Sackor, who is Chairman for the CRC Subcommittee on Civil Society Organizations,drilled the recruits into the mandate of the CRC and the principles which drive the process. Unlike the past, the Committee Member said the CRC has adopted a bottom to top method which is inclusive of all Liberians instead of a process crafted by few persons and taken to the people for support.


Hon. Sackor said the responsibility is not a light one but believes the recruits have broad and strong shoulders to handle the weight of responsibilities. He admonished them to ably represent the CRC as errors on the field could have grave consequences.


The Chairperson of the CRC orientated the Focal Point Persons and Civic Educators on critical constitutional provisions and provided them with opportunity to give their views and interpretations on constitutional issues. She emphasized the preamble of the constitution which contained every aspect of the chapters and articles in summary.


As former Chief Justice and Law Professor, the Counselor simplified complex constitutional provisions and provided guide to critical issues that they would come across with on the field. One of the concerns of the recruits is the National Legislature. Would they honor the people’s will? What would be done if the Legislature failed to pass the amendments?


As Liberians take the process seriously, it is presumed that Legislators will give their support. According to views, they are elected by the people and are under obligation to respond to the will of the people. The CRC has committed itself with working with the National Legislature and has taken initial steps by meeting with some Legislators to explain the mandate of the CRC. There are further steps being taken to meet with the National Legislature for interactive sessions.