SACKOR, Hon. Soko V.

SACKOR, Hon. Soko V.


Mr. Soko V. Sackor is a student of politics with many years of experience in Local overnment Administration and state craft. His initial employment in government dates back to 1977 at the Ministry of Education where he worked part time as a messenger/cadet in the Bureau of Instruction with Asst. Minister, Christine Tolbert Norman. He is also a junior in managing traditional affairs/matters within the Republic.


Following his graduation and having become a Clerk Typist, Secretary and Acting Administrative Assistant in the Bureau of Instruction, from 1979-1981, Soko joined the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Urban Reconstruction as Administrative Assistant to Minister Edward Komo Sackor. The late Edward Komo, who is known to date to be a very powerful and popular people’s Minister ended up having an established impact on the future growth and development of Soko V. today.


Soko V. as he is popularly known by family members and friends earned a BSc Degree in Government and Public Affairs from one of the historic Black Universities in America, USA, Tennessee State University, Nashville, in 1987. At Tennessee State, where Sackor earned his Bachelor Degree, he also proudly benefited from the US Air Force, Reserved Officers Training Corp Program during studies for his Bachelor. In 1988, Mr. Sackor also earned a Master of Arts Degree in Black Studies with specialization in African Politics from the prestigious Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Additionally, Soko received several Awards of distinction, namely; National Political Science Award, Academic All-American and outstanding College Students of America in 1987 from the US. Achievement Academy in Lexington, Kentucky and was further recognized for Outstanding Service in the Ohio State University College of Humanities in Columbus, Ohio. It may be worth noting that these Awards are the highest young people can achieve in America for performance, academic excellence, and diligence in study of a variety of disciplines and superior in all - around performance.


• Two times Deputy Minister for Administration; Ministry of Internal Affairs 2006 and 2010 –

2012 April.


• Deputy Minister for Postal Operation; responsible to jump-start, restore credibility and confidence to Liberia’s mailing system and developed a Postal Policy Framework. Also initiated and commenced the development of Liberia’s Postal Address System.


• Director General of the Cabinet, Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs from 2003-2006, a critical time in Liberia’s transition process.


• Assistant Minister of State for Administration from 1995-1997 and Executive Assistant to Vice Chairman El-Mohammed Sheriff of the Council of State at the Executive Mansion from 1993-1995.


• Assistant Minister and Political Officer at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Coordinator of the Special Presidential Crisis Committee of the Interim Government of National Unity from 1991-1993.


• Administrative Assistant to the Minister of Local Government, Rural Development and Urban Reconstruction from 1981-1983 and Clerk Typist and Secretary in the office of the Assistant Minister for Instruction; Ministry of Education, from 1977-1980.


• Chairman of the Reformation Alliance Party (RAP) from 1992-2000 and Acting Chairman of the Inter-Party Committee of (opposition) Political Parties in Liberia from 1997-1999.


• Managing Editor, National Observer Magazine, and Executive Member of the National Muslim Congress of Liberia from 1990 to present.


• Chairman, Anti-Corruption Executive Taskforce from 2005-2006 which continue the work started by the Tolbert Administration and have now developed into the Anti-Corruption Commission.


Professional Experience at the International Level


• Staff Assistant to the Chairman of the Tennessee Black Leadership Roundtable from 1984- 1987 and Chairman of the Black Caucus of State Legislators.


• Consultant at the Institute for African and Caribbean Affairs at Tennessee State University from 1984-1987.


• Graduate Administrative Associate to the Dean of the Graduate Program and Graduate Research Associate to the Chairman of the Department of Black Studies, all at Ohio State University from 1987-1988.


• Participated with honors at several model OAU Conferences.




• Soko V. Sackor has been happily married for over 20 years. He presently has seven children; and hails from Gbondoi Town in Bong County, Central Liberia and a multi-talented political, military and traditional strategist. He was born unto the Union of Lango Kollie and Mamadee Molly (Jekaawomen) Sackor. • Sackor is very humble, understanding and gets along well with meetings of the mind. He is a hardcore negotiator with a humane sense to negotiate and manage conflict. He has been actively participating in peace and reconciliation efforts in Liberia since the 1990’s.

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