SANDY, Rev. Kennedy Gebley

SANDY, Rev. Kennedy Gebley


Rev. Kennedy G. Sandy was born on November 27, 1963 to the union of Mr. & Mrs. Jallah B. Sandy in the town of Keita, in Grand Cape Mount County, Republic of Liberia. Work Experience.


Rev. Sandy worked with the International Bureau of Investigation (IBI) in the USA, Washington D.C. and New York. As a result of his interest in the security service and diligence, he became a Special Investigating officer at that prestigious American Security entity. He also serves and works at the World Bank as a private contractor helping with investigation in the daily activities / transaction to help the productivity of the World Bank. Despite his engagements, he found time for God.


Rev. Sandy served as Pastor, General Overseer, and Bishop of the St. Peter United Church of the Lord, Worldwide. He is` Founder of the International Organization for the  Advancement of Humanity (IOAH) and also the Founder and President of the International Association of Pastors and Churches. Furthermore, due to his interest in security, Rev. Sandy attended the Guardian Security Academy in Maryland, USA, where he specialized in Homeland Security. Apparently Rev. Kennedy G. Sandy has been a security expert and served as Senior Advisor and Security Consultant at the US Homeland Security. To name but a few, he served in various capacities in the following areas at the US Forensic Crime laboratory; US Treasury; US Center for Disease Control; US Science Foundation and the US Record Center. Educational level


Rev. Sandy gained his elementary education at the Daniel E. Howard Elementary School and matriculated to the J.J. Ross High School on Ashmum Street Rev. Kennedy Gebley Sandy CRC Member and Chairman, Sub-committee on Interest & Professional Grouping 14 - CRC Journal - 2013 in 1984 in the Capital City of Monrovia, Republic of Liberia. Rev. Sandy also has a Master of Divinity Degree from the Faith Bible College Seminary in Maryland, USA. He also obtained Bachelor of Theology Degree at the Light House Christian College, Beebe, Arkansas, USA. Rev. Sandy is commonly called among his kinsman as Reverend. Rev. Sandy also obtained a Certificate in Evangelical Studies from the Eastern Bible Institute of Newark, New Jersey, USA. Private Life.


In 1992 Rev. Kennedy G. Sandy single handedly painted the Liberian embassy in Washington D.C. Since this initiative, his passion for humanity has grown immensely over the years with different kinds of assistance, especially  scholarship to various nationalities, including Americans, Tanzanians, Gambians, Ghanaians, Sierra Leoneans and Liberians. He has close to 25,000 Liberian students at all levels (Elementary, Junior High. Senior High & University) benefiting from his scholarship programs.



Rev. Kennedy G. Sandy married on November 27, 1993 to an ordained and faithful woman of God, named Rev. Mrs. Eugenia V. Sandy. She is also a humanitarian and serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), of the International Organization for the Advancement of Humanity (IOAH). God has blessed this union with three (3) biological children and few adopted children.

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